Greek and Roman civilizations Academic Essay

WORLD CIVILIZATION Format: 1? margins, size 12 font and double spaced, one full page only,internal referencing, one line for header only which must include your name, Course Section Number, Date of Exam, and Test number. All new paragraphs MUST be indented. Using a single space format, restate ONLY the test question so I know which test question you are addressing, and do NOT restate all the additional explanative material to the test question. 3- do your paper, properly referenced, with page numbers that actually pertain to where you got your information provide a thesis statement for your exam! Question A: Chapters 5 &6 in your main textbookdocument the growth and development of the Greek and Roman civilizations respectively. Each civilization became successful by constructing an empire as a result of successfully defeating opponents (Greeks defeated the Persians during the Peloponnesian War and the Romans defeated the Carthaginians during the Punic Wars). Heres your test question:Write an essay that demonstrates whatone thing shared by the Greeks and Romansmade it possible for both Greek and Roman civilizations to become victorious and build successful empires. Using this rfrence: Crossroads and Cultures: A History of the Worlds Peoples, Vol. 1, To 1450 by B.G. Smith, M. Van de Mieroop, R. Von Glahn, and K. Lane (Bedford/St. Martins Press, 2012), Boston/New York.

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