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Your Desktop Study will involve developing a hydrogeological site characterization report for a site of your choice either within or outside of Australia. Your report will need to consider the following aspects of the site:
• Site location and topography
• Site geology and hydrogeology
• Site boundaries
• Groundwater levels and movement within the site boundaries
• Hydrographs if available
• Groundwater use within the site
• Water budget (can be very approximate, but you should try to develop one)
• Any known concerns with groundwater contamination or over use
• The future of groundwater within the site
You are required to submit a 1 page desktop study proposal to me electronically by 5pm 27 April 2012 for my review and approval. This proposal will ensure that what you plan to consider is appropriate and not too work intensive.
Your final report should be approximately 2500 words (excluding your list of references). It should be written in the form of a technical publication with an abstract, introduction, background, technical content, and conclusions. You must reference appropriately all material you use within your report. Please remember plagiarism is not permitted.
This report accounts for 40% of your final grade for this topic. Your report will be graded based on the following criteria:
• Clear and correct description of all technical aspects of the hydrogeology of the site
• Organization of your report
• Correct English spelling and grammar
• Correct and appropriate use of referencing with full citations
• Completeness of your characterization report
Please submit an electronic copy of your report by the due date and be aware that late reports will not be assessed and will therefore receive a mark of 0 (as identified in the SAM).
If you are also enrolled in the Australian Groundwater School (EASC8700/WARM8700) or have completed the School, please be aware that I am the Topic Coordinator of both sets of topics, so you must ensure that your reports for each topic are quite different. However, one can give you practice for the other.

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