Group Analysis; Applying theory in practice custom essay

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This assignment involves applying the principles and approaches from the course in a practical situation. It aims to assess your practical skills and how you approach the facilitation of a real group. Write a 3 pages explanation of how you have engaged or facilitated a real group in the past. For example, you might write about organizing a coaching clinic for your sporting team or your work with an arts group. Alternatively, if you have no particular experience to draw on, you can write about how you would go about approaching the engagement of a group in the future and discuss how you would approach things. A guide to the layout of the written assignment is:
1. Introduction
2. Description of the group/situation
3. The overall engagement/learning process you used with the group
4. The group processes you used
5. Why you chose those particular processes or methods
6. How the process went
7. Any feedback from the group on how you facilitated the activity
8. What you would do differently
9. Conclusion

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