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assessment Number 3 from the course profile

Group Report and Oral Presentation

This task involves writing a report based on the following scenario, and an oral presentation based on the report findings. Students will be formed into groups of two for this task. Internal students will be put into groups by the local lecturers. External students will be put into groups by the course coordinator by the end of week 6. External students should maintain regular contact with the course website. Internal students are required to arrange meeting times to complete this task. A discussion forum for each external group will be made available on the course website. Otherwise, external students can arrange contact via email, telephone, Skype or MSN Messenger.

Report Scenario – 40%

You work for a large business organisation. Your team has discussed the importance of engaging with the tertiary education sector. One way to do this is by being involved in student sponsorship. You believe this will benefit the organisation by helping to raise its profile in the local community as well as being an investment in the future leaders in your industry.

Your Head of Department has asked you to investigate engaging with the tertiary education sector. This is likely to be a long-term investment; therefore, you need to find the most feasible sponsorship option. You are then required to write a report on your findings for the Head of Department. Aspects to consider in the report include background information to the report; benefits of engaging with the tertiary education sector and sponsorship; what is involved for the organisation (e.g. time and resources); costs/financial requirements; potential government incentives; sponsorship options and the most feasible option.

It is up to you what type of organisation you use. You can use an organisation within your field of study. You can invent any details to “fill out” the scenario as long as they are consistent with the above. You must use appropriate report style and format. Check the course website for information relating to the report.

The report is required to be worked on and submitted as a group

You may substitute this scenario with one of your own if you wish to address a real-life scenario. To do this you must gain approval from your local lecturer or the course coordinator if you are an external student.

Oral Presentation – 10%

You are to imagine that your group has been asked to present the findings of the report to the Head of Division and other key personnel in your organisation. Do not just read the information that has been written in your report. This is an opportunity for you to “sell” your idea to personnel in your organisation.

Internal students will deliver their presentation in class.

External students will submit a recording of their presentation. Alternatively, the presentation can be via Skype to the course coordinator (or by telephone if there are technical problems). External students have the option of doing the oral presentation on an individual basis rather than as a group.

The oral presentation will be assessed according to:

Content (relevance; organisation – introduction, body, conclusion; clarity of ideas)
Presentation (manner – nonverbal communication; voice; language; use of audio/visual aids if appropriate)
General (understanding of audience; timing; effective use of the oral presentation medium)

Assessment Due Date To be completed by Friday of Week 12.
Return Date to Students Assignments will be returned within 10 working days in most cases.
Weighting 50%
Assessment Condition

Must Submit – You must submit this item to be eligible to pass the course

Report – 1,500 words; presentation – 5 minutes.

Report for marking as a word document. Check the course website for report formatting guidelines.
Referencing Style Harvard (author-date)
Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria – comm11003report criteria.pdf
Submission Online

Reports to be marked via the course Moodle site. Internal oral presentations to be marked in class. External oral presentations to be marked via the course Moodle site or via Skype.
Learning Outcomes Assessed
This section can be expanded to view the assessed learning outcomes
Graduate Attributes
This section can be expanded to view the assessed graduate attributes

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