Guidelines for Scholarly Writing of Policy/Position Paper(Health Planning and Policy Development: Leadership Issues ) custom essay

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Health Planning and Policy Development: Leadership Issues
Guidelines for Scholarly Writing of Policy/Position Paper


1. To develop a deeper understanding of an issue of importance in the field of health policy.

2. To clearly write and discuss the issue and how it affects the practice of nursing.

3. To identify the stakeholders and their roles in the particular issue that is being addressed

4. To analyze the issue and what solutions might be effective.

5. To develop a presentation about this issue

1. Determine the issue and trace its evolution. How did it become a problem, a need, an opportunity? How did it capture the attention of the decision makers?

II. Identify the major policy makers including legislators, regulators, interest groups, and their positions on the issue.

III. Discuss nursing’s involvement and how the issue affects nursing.

IV. What ethical concerns are related to this issue?

V. Identify options for resolving the issue. Consider resources, financing, and political feasibilities. (You must put forth at least 2 options.)

VI. State your preferred solution and provide a rationale to defend your position.

VII. Scholarly format, including appropriate grammar, punctuation, and use of references is vital for your issue’s credibility. You are must use the APA style for your papers.

Please note that this is a position paper. It is therefore necessary for you to select a topic that has more than one point of view.

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