he Academic Affairs Committee wants a recommendation on what new specific degree program should be pursued for the 60647 community Essay

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Based on your research findings you are to provide your advice as to degree programs to pursue in zip code 60647.
Search for your data sets using www.factfinder.census.gov . You can enter the ZIP code in the “Fast Access to Information” search window to obtain the data for 60647. The site also presents the national demographics on the same results page any time you type in a ZIP code.
Paragraph 1 = Agenda (Introduction)
Paragraph 2 = Provide supporting documentation for the topic (based on 60647 data)
Paragraph 3 = Provide supporting documentation for the topic (based on info on 60647 area)
Paragraph 4= Recommendations/Conclusion

Please note that if you have a source in your reference section, you need to cite it in the body of the paper per APA guidelines and vice-versa. Please ensure all necessary information needed for proper
APA references is available.
Please avoid using direct quotes to lower similarity score.

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