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the research paper will require you to combine many of the rhetorical and writing skills that you have learned thus far this semester, while also requiring you to become something of an export on a topic through library research. you end product will be an analytic paper that formulates a strong thesis and supports it with specific evidence from a variety of sources. the overall goals of the research project are to improve your ability to evaluate the arguments of others, formulate an argument of your own,and present both as a cohesive piece of writing.
this is not a report.i cannot stress enough this point.the bulk of your paper should consist of analysis and evaluation of your research and topic.keep reporting to a minimum. include only what is necessary for your argument.your essay’s purpose is to use research information to provide evidence supporting your analytic arguments.
The process:choosing a topic
selecting sources: use books,article from academic journals,media,interviews,documentaries,film
critical reading and analysis of sources
organization information
articulating arguments
integrating sources:this means quoting from the four sources required
Documenting sources(i recommend purdue Owl for citation specifics and you jut select the MLA button) just type Purdue Owl on the search bar.
As started before, you have some flexibility with your topic choice. they are on the remaining units we did not look at during the course. Feel free to stretch these topic beyond thier immediate scope; the only catch is that you will need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the article and its arguments for the essay you choose in addition to using it as a source. you will need to pay attention to how the article convinces as well as what it argues from a content point of view

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