high falling pass rate in australian universities custom essay

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Dear writer

I am international student, studying in australia. I have an assaignment worth 40% of the total mark of the subject.
I’m required to do a report and research about the falling pass rate in australian universities.

the case study is
acme university is concerned about its falling pass rate, particularly for first year university students. statistical data shows that in 2008, the pass rate for first years was 75%, in 2009, the figure was 68% and in 2010, the figure dropped to 58%.

you must prepare a report of no more than 1200 words, analyzing the importance of the above finding data.

( A) in your finding you must disuss three (3) potential reasons explaining the falling pass rate in Australia. all reasons used must be specific and supported by appropriate research.

( B) based on two of the above reasons, provide three (3) recommendations for each of the two reasons for improving and raising the pass rate for first year students. ( so you must provide six recommendations, 3 for each).


1- choose two resources written in Australia.
2- resources must be limmited to australian universities only, not TAFE institution, nor other collages in australia or overseas, also resources must not be limmited to a spesific students such as management student, health secince students or engineering students, it must be for all university students.
3- resources must be no more than 8 years old.
4- resources may include newspapers, books or academic journal articles.
5- all sources used must support your arguments in A (reasons) and B(recommendations) above. As this is an academic task, you must NOT use personal experiences or opinions.
6- you must attach the two sources with the assignment, and attache one of them in your report via the appendix.

Report format:

the papers must include:
1- index ( contents) page.
2- introduction and conclusion
3- recommendations
4- reference list
5- appendix.

You must use DIRECT and INDIRECT citations, as well as a reference list, using the Harvard Referencing method. A 0 mark will be recorded for this part of the task if such referencing is not adopted. You must also write a separate Appendix for the article attached. If you use any visual materials in your Report, for example, tables or graphs, these must also be referred to in the Appendix as well as in the Reference List.

*Becarfull with the steps that I have wrote, because my lecturer will apply 0 mark in any step missing.

I will attach a spesefic source if you think it is approporite just use it, if you think it is not approporite do not use it and find another sourse.

if you miss any step be aware that I need my many to return back because I do not want to fail in this unit because I paid 2000 $ so I do not want to loss any cent.


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