Hindu Literature and Ethics Custom Essay

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Be sure that your essay has a thesis or main point presented in an introduction and developed in subsequent paragraphs; your essay should do more than merely summarize. Your essay must be based on actual Hindu texts. Be sure also to cite your sources via MLA, APA, or University of Chicago styles throughout the text of your essay and to use quotation marks when you take material word for word from other sources. Provide a list of Works Cited (MLA), or References (APA). It is not necessary for you to use secondary sources in the three short essays, but if you do, you must cite them properly to avoid plagiarism. TOPICS FOR ESSAY(Kama, Artha) (CHOOSE ONE)( 2 – 3 pages DOUBLE SPACED) 1)Discuss the relationship between the heroic (vira) and the romantic/erotic (srngara) in Shakuntala and Vikramorshiya 2)Discuss the relationship between love and duty in Shakuntala and in the Vikramorvashiya. 3)Discuss the devices of the ring in Shakuntala and/or of the gem of reunion in Vikramorvashiya. 4)Discuss the role of epistolary communication (letters) in Shakuntala and/or in Vikramorvashiya. 5)Discuss the ideal of the king as royal sage (rajarsi) in Shakuntala and/or in Vikramorvashiya. 6) Discuss the role of the buffoon (vidusaka) in Shakuntala and/or in Vikramorvashiya. 7)Discuss the significance of nature in Shakuntala and/or in Vikramorvashiya. 8)Discuss the behavior and deportment of the lovers in SHakuntala and/or in Vikramorvashiya. 9)Discuss the roles played by the female characters in Shakuntala and/or in Vikramorvashiya. CHOOSE ONE please, and 2 pages double spaced, as well as the instructions previously stated should be followed.

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