History Essay comparing and contrasting between india and rome Custom Essay

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Choose any ONE of the following questions and write a comprehensive and coherent essay on the topic. You can use any material covered in the class. Your essay should follow a structure starting with a thesis statement in the introduction, a body paragraph where you compare and contrast the two civilizations and a conclusion.

What if Seneca and Lord Krishna had met and explained their philosophies to one another? How would Lord Krishna respond to Seneca vice versa? Your essay should focus on what is similar and different about these two philosophies. You may wish to refer their views on wealth, friendship, desire, education, knowledge, emotion, happiness, life, death, etc.
2. What do you understand by Golden Age? Compare and discuss the Golden age in Rome and the Indian Golden Age. What were the conditions that led to the Golden Age? Discuss with reference to some of the similarities and differences you find?
3. Discuss the position of women in Ancient Rome and in Ancient India. What similarities or differences you found in our readings of the two civilization?

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