History Essay: Samoan immigration to New Zealand Essay

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– greeting (english/Maori)
– stunning opening to capture Audience Attention/interest
– surprising fact or statistic/actual or rhetorical
– question/appropriate proverb/typical secnario/personal anecdote

– Plan
– Relevance to theme and Audience

SUBTOPICS:(3-5)heres are my subtopics:History
– Settlement-Place
– Education-scholarship
– Achievement-Famous People
– Life-style-

– Summary of key points
– overall Conclusion about the topic
– Relevance to Audience and theme
– Strong and memorable final statement


Preparation and concent
– substantial information
– Relevant supporting evidence
– Well reasearched -source of information clear
– Related to New Zealand
– Made relevant to the audience and/or theme
– Clear effective 2 part introductio
– Clear effective 2 part conclusion
– Body well-structured and cohesive
– Appropriate use of linking devices
– Main ideas cleasly identified

Presentation style
presenter engaged with audience

– Vocabulary appropriate for topic and audience
– Difficult words explanied

– Appropriate number and range of visuals
– Professional appearance and use
– Content is relevant and enhances presentation

Audience response
questions from audience are effectively dealt with or
question are asked of the audience to stimulate discussion

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