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2 short comparison essays

Develop themes and issues which both connect the works and separate them. In the essay you will be expected to discuss both formal characteristics (style, composition, color, light etc) and historical facts and contexts (factual details, movement, political or economic factors etc. The response should be organized as an essay including an introduction paragraph with thesis statement and a conclusion that ties both components of the essay – formal and historical – together.

Compare: Antoine Watteau – Pilgrimage to Cythera and Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Moulin de la Galete

Compare:Eduard Manet, Olympia and Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

!!!! introduction Paragraph with a Thesis statement: a paragraph on each work discussing the subject matter, technique, and formal characteristics: a paragraph comparing these formal issues, a paragraph on each work discussing the specific historical moments: a conclusion tying these ideas together !!!

Im attaching a few pages from my Textbook so you wouldn’t have to do research. I would prefer if you use it at least some points from it. It would be easier for me to memorize it.

Thank you !

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