History of disability focusing on sexuality Essay

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History of disability (focusing on sexuality)
Instructions: — TOPIC — Describe society’s perception of people with physical impairments (disabilities). – What do we know from the literature about people with physical impairment (disability) and specifically their sexuality in the context of social history.
– I would like the literature surveyed for any available data prior to 1970 and then to see a summary of the development in thought though the 1970’s, 1980’s and onwards including the contribution of significant figures (e.g. Harlan Harn, Mitchell Tepper, Tom Shakespeare, and Carol Thomas).
– I suspect that prior to 1970 all you’ll find is references to forced sterilisation, asexuality and exclusion from social citizenship and normal social relationships. One could potentially draw on the experience of women in seeking equal rights and the American civil rights process.
– I would expect the paper to include:
(a) The physically impaired person as other (you’ll need to develop a brief history of other-ness).
(b) Stigmatisation
(c) Denial of reproductive rights (e.g. sterilisation and abortion)
(d) Rape in institutions (denial of the right to consent)
(e) Perception of Asexuality of impaired people
– I’m looking for a tightly written overview of the history of society and impaired people (with a focus by way of example on sexuality).
– I do not require an introduction or conclusion since this particular piece of research will form part of a larger literature review – thank you!
– Please contact me with an outline (dot points) of how you intend to approach this topic and the approximate number of words you’d allocate to each section. I am happy to answer any questions and to clarify my topic.
– Please contact me to discuss sources if you ****l that would be helpful
Thank you,

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