History of French Cinema from It’s Beginnings Until custom essay

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Paper 1: History of French Cinema from Its Beginnings Until The French New Wave (1959). Using an outline entitled “Overview of French Cinema”, write a paper that weaves together a history of French Cinema from its beginnings until the start of the French New Wave. Apply topics, films, filmmakers and terminology from #1(Pre WWI) to #5(Post WWII thru late 1950s) in the outline. Please double space your papers. Demonstrate that you have read Lanzoni by footnoting appropriate passages from the text that corroborate your brief history The idea is that you should be precise and concise in your paper. I don’t want any lavish, wordy embellishment. Say what you need to say and say it with clarity and briefly.

You can also use internet as reference as well. Show that Lanzoni readings have been read. Use pages on Lanzonie readings and use citation reference on essay. Do not discuss the New wave.

I will attach two sources the pages that were read in class, that will need to be cited in the essay, and the Topics that need to also be referenced in the essay.

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