home depot corporate statistics analysis Essay

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This paper will evaluate the relationships between employee satisfaction, productivity, and profitability as related to the current financial strength of a leading company in the home improvement market. We will focus on Home Depot’s staff hierarchy (Executive, Managerial and Frontline), the associated wage rates and a market comparison for select positions. We propose to assess studies and through professionally published journals provided by, but not limited to, Home Depot financial statements, SEC filings, Job Outlook Handbook, Bureau of Labor Relations and legal case filings; as well as, additional employment resources not limited to, salaries.com and payscale.com.
A weighted mean approach will be used to identify and benchmark areas of concern, practices and attitudes within the company regarding overall productivity and profits in comparison to similar home improvement companies. A wage comparison will assess corporate behavior, and will include Home Depot’s chain of stores located nationwide. We will use a T-Test to determine the significant differences between Home Depot Stores that are failing to those that are succeeding and other home improvement chains that are leading the market based on stock market value. Furthermore an Analysis of variance (ANOVA) may be used to establish whether there is a best practice model that can preclude a company from future failure
By uncovering the relationship between supply and demand in today’s market as well as best practices in job satisfaction and employee productivity, we propose to draw conclusions that speak to the overall financial health of Home Depot. Furthermore, conclusions may be reached that will help the company avoid potential failures in the future. Given the present global economic situation, this analysis may prove analogous for companies outside of the home improvement industry.

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