‘How does Frank Lloyd Wright create interior spaces using natural light and greenery based on Japanese design tradition and what impact does this have on the people using these spaces?’ custom essay

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Now I need to continue with Stage 2 – Map proposed programme of work. This should include:

1. Timeframe
1.1. Should be realistic
1.2.Break down into manageable sections
1.3. Identify areas of potential difficulty
2.Key stages
2.1.Project specific
3.Resources needed
3.1. Project specific
4.Permissions required
4.2. Reproduction
4.3. Consent of use agreement (important when interviewing individuals or groups)
5.Research collection methods to be used (may be a mix of both methods described below). Identify methods to be used
5.1.Primary Research: This is when you conduct the research yourself through interviews, surveys, seminars, brainstorming
5.2. Secondary Research: This involves the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research such as magazines, books, journals, DVDs, YouTube clips, internet…

o Having collated your research, the most important part of the process is to make clear your evaluation and the critical thinking you have applied to this information

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