How Globalization is Changing the Role of Managers Essay

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A good topic these days is “how globalization is changing the role of managers.” Almost every textbooks talk about globalization and the effect of IT in an organization so you should find enough material for your paper. The specific sub-topics in this topic can be: – Workforce diversity – Outsourcing – Dealing with different cultures I hope that helps. Include dates you expect to research, organize data, compose rough draft, proofread and edit, and submit final report.


This document shows how I want you to format headings for your report. As you can tell from your reference manual and text, there are several ways to format a report; however, I want all of you to follow a set format so you are not guessing which format is the one I want. I?m showing two formats depending on the kinds of divisions you use. Please study both and use the one that is appropriate for your report.

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