How is open-ended spanner (wrench), bicycle frame (aluminum), hard hat (plastic),car windscreen wiper blade could be manufactured and the material used in the manufacture? Custom Essay

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Explain in no more than 200 words how each of the the four products (open ended spanner (wrench) , bicycle frame (aluminuim) ,hard hat (plastic) ,car wind screen wiper blade ) could be manufactured ? and in no more than 100 words typical material(s) used in the manufacture. For the electroforming in the set summarise in no more than 200 words the basic principle(s) of this process/technology together with the materials it employs and/or can be applied to. Give 3 sources of information, including one technical paper (academic journal publications) with full references. i will upload a file to show you exactly how the assignment should look like and another file including sets my topic about set 12.

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