How learning and growth, competency development, corporate culture, leadership development, and measurement and appraisal drive performance and contribute to creating customer value and profitability at Walmart ( retail industry) Custom Essay

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Include relevant concepts from Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) and apply these in a critical manner, Especially the concepts in 2 text books (1) “Strategic Human Resource Management – contemporary issues” by Mike Millmore, Phillip Lewis, Mark Saunders,Adrian Thornhill and Trevor Morrow – ISBN:978-0-273-68163-2 (2) ” Human Resource Management”- 12th edition – Robert L. Mathis – John H Jackson – I will upload ebook for this one.

A well-argued and coherent analysis of materials plus own extensive research is expected, with relevant and justified conclusions as appropriate. Appropriate diagrams and models to help in the evaluation may be included.

The paper is expected to use a wide range of academic sources of evidence and theory, such as books, journals, quality newspapers and the more reliable parts of the internet (such as Google Scholar).

The actual assignment asks to choose any company in any industry, so I pick Walmart as in retail industry, so please mention/compare/ make reference/link with the SHRM practices and their effecitivenes in retail industry (where applicable)

As Walmart is is a global player, please include in the arguments how Walmart’s HR practices (regarding the 5 areas as in the topic) are done in different countries ( western/eastern etc) and their effectiveness

Where possible, please include empirical evidences of the link between those five SHRM practices and performance, profitability and customer value at Walmart.

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