How the working condition changes affect the productivity in the “An-Da container Company Ltd. Shanghai” custom essay

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his is a BM internal assessment which focus on a specific firm that how the working condition changes affect the productivity. The uploaded documents are the survey questions which done by the employees in the firm. The company is specialised in manufacting containers for over 30 years which quite famous in the nation with over 150 employees. It’s a private company which founded by four people and 25% shares each person. In the survey 2 people who are the ceo and board chairman 3 are department managers and 5 were employees. totally 10 2:3:5. I haven’t figured out the data how many percentage is made how many people in what level. Therefore you have the options to make up the figures and the productivity’s figure (data) as well. this article should focus on HR and productivity. Employees’ motivation and working conditions.

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