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The class is for econometrics, so the paper needs some graph(plot, regression) and summary output.
you may get a information on internet,

The purpose of this project is to suggest ways to find out the best apartment with reasonable price in Urbana and Champaign city to the UIUC students. We are going to conduct the study that what factors affect an apartment rent fee. we will use an regression model.

Apartment Rent Fee = ?0 + ?1R+?2RDAU+ ?3BS+ ?4AY+ ?5UF+ ?6AR+ ?7FN+ ?8FL+ ?9LD+ ?10PF
R= Number of room in a unit DAU=Distance between APT and Uion BS =Bus stop AY = APT age UF = Amount of Utilities fee (all)
AR = Area of room FN = Furniture FL = floor LD=Laundry PF=Parking Fee

There are many apartment management companies website and we can find exact area of room and amount of rent fee for Fall 2012. We will collect these data and put together for using Stata. The analysis through Stata’s result will be good work for this project.

-Below thing is requirement for paper

General suggestions for the paper
– Choose a simple topic that you can study in the month you have for this project. Many groups have problems
when they choose a problem that is too long. Be careful, choosing the right topic is the most difficult part of
this assignment.
– Data collection is usually a very time consuming activity. Try go over this as soon as possible.
– Do not play the game of maximizing R2
Instead, look for an interesting topic, appropriate use of statistical
methods and detailed economic interpretation. Write an interesting paper that can be read by an economist.
– Interact actively with the members of your group and with me. Use my office hours cleverly.

The paper should start with an Introduction where you describe
briefly the goals of the paper. A second section could describe with more detail the model and the data used.
The third section could present econometric results emphasizing economic and statistical interpretation. The
final section should present concluding remarks highlighting what you have found, any limitation of the
paper and maybe suggestions for future work.

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