how to use the Enigma machine as a tool for cracking encrypted German naval messages Essay

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Your paper must use APA formatting (including in-line citations in the proper APA format) with the exception that tables and figures can be inserted at the appropriate location rather than added at the end.

For this assignment, address the following scenario:


It is 1939, and you are the lead cryptologist at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, England. The RAF has just delivered an Enigma machine, freshly captured from a German submarine. Your boss at Bletchley Park calls you in and explains that he (and therefore, you) is under great pressure to learn how to use the Enigma machine as a tool for cracking encrypted German naval messages. He asks you to write a short (five page) paper that:

• Describes the machine’s mechanism, i.e., explains its internal mechanical/electrical construction; provides an example of how a character is encrypted/decrypted; and describes the type of cipher(s) (e.g., substitution, transposition, etc.) produced by the machine
• Describes how the machine is used in the field, including a plausible procedure for the distribution of keys (how and what must be distributed), and the vulnerabilities of the key-distribution scheme.
• Describes the quality of the ciphers produced by the machine, in terms of their “crackability.”
• Describes your approach for cracking the naval messages. Your boss is particularly interested in your ideas of how to speed up the analysis process (as opposed to a simple “brute force” approach); but, as a worst case, he would also like to see an estimate (with details included) of how long a brute-force attempt would take, based on a reasonable time estimate for each trial solution.

Being a Certified Bletchley Park cryptologist, you will want to write your paper using standard cryptologic terminology, while being as quantitative as possible.

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