How well did the Athenians live up to ideals of ancient Greek government Essay

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Primary sources 1)Homer Iliad “Ideal of Excellence” (=H) 2)Herodotus “A Master called Law” (=L) 3)Thucydides “The Melian Dialouge” (=M) 4)Thucydides “Pericles’ Funeral Speech” (P)
Have to use quotes from these 4 sources to support paper and cite with the H, L, P, Or M after quote. The main question is “How well did the Athenians live up to ideals of ancient Greek government, and especially of Athenian democracy as described by Pericles in his funeral speech?” This answer should be the thesis of the paper. Other questions that can be answered in paper are – What ideals does Pericles describe in his funeral speech, Which of the ideals are the most important, and which also appear in other texts, How unique were the Athenians compared to other greeks, such as the spartans, Do the key ideals you identify work together, Do they conflict with each other, Where the earlier warrior values described by homer still important for the atheians three centuries later in thucydides’ day, what did the ancient greeks mean by such key terms as law, freedom and democracy and to whom were they applied?
standard font, double space, 1 inch margin. Paper must begin by including on first page(without title page), a title, word count, my section which is History 119, and my name and the date. Must include page numbers. Citations should include parentheses the source abbr, and when appropriate, the paragraph number. keep all quotations short and always incorporate both all quotions and citations within sentence ex(Pericles claimed that “everyone should be equal before law” (P3)

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