Human Behavior and the Social Environment Essay

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Below is a description of the assignment I need completed. Please be aware that I will need a PDF copy of each source you use in addition to the finished paper. Each Source MUST BE A SCHOLARLY ARTICLE/JOURNAL PUBLISHED AFTER 2003 See below- Integration Paper Each student will submit a 6-8 page paper about a social problem or personal challenge (Examples: Sexism, Racism, Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, Poverty, Domestic Abuse, etc), and one of the developmental stages presented in class (Young Adulthood, Middle Adulthood, or Late Adulthood). This is the text used for this class- Ashford, J. B., & LeCroy, C. W. (2010). Human behavior in the social environment: A multidimensional perspective (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole. ISBN 13: 978-0495601692 Thank you!

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