Human Nature Paper custom essay

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I need total 6 sources. 2 are “on killing(Grossman)” and other 2 source are Steven pinker “the blank slate” chapter 17 violence.
other 2 sources will find one other book and one Research Articles
my teacher recommend my school library web site
please see this site and chose one book and one articles

this paper relate other 2 essays which i did already please reed my previous essays

ENGWR 302 – Abraham
Assignment Sheet for Human Nature Paper
1400 words
125 points
Due 5-2-12
Six sources
We have directly contradictory assumptions about killing from On Killing and from “Violence.”
This assignment asks you to use the critical thinking tools introduced in class to account for the
contradiction. Your research will develop evidence of the killing practices of another culture. Your
analysis will focus on differences between Grossman’s and Pinker’s likely biases and on how killing
practices in other cultures support or refute their positions.
In a 1400-word essay, using both On Killing and “Violence,” as well as other
information you find in your research, come to a conclusion about the validity or
invalidity of Grossman’s basic assumption that humans are reluctant to kill each other and
that overcoming this reluctance leads to psychological stress.
If I were writing this paper, I would probably research killing in a native culture,
either New Guinea or maybe a Native American group, since Grossman’s book seems
mainly based on European sources. I would begin the essay by introducing the issue, my
methods, and my claim. I would investigate the conflict by investigating the different
contexts of the two writers to account for their basic assumptions and biases. I would also
look at the evidence they use to support their arguments. The information about a nonEuropean culture would allow me to analyze its practices using Grossman’s and Pinker’s
differing conceptual frameworks to see which best accounts for what I have found.
The basic challenge is to go outside the present parameters of the issue to find
evidence that sheds light on the question of humans’ reluctance to kill each other.
? A successful paper demonstrates understanding of critical thinking by applying the
tools and terms introduced in class. It is effectively organized and uses new evidence
effectively. Of course, it is proofread and uses MLA format accurately.

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