HUMAN RESOURCE EXAM 1.Identify and explain the two types of sexual harassment. For each type note when the organization is liable. (20 points) 2.Competitive Advantage a.What is a Competitive Advantage? (10 points) b.Explain the role Human Resource Professionals play in establishing competitive advantages. (10 points) c.Provide a specific example of a competitive advantage within one of the functions of Human Resource management. (10 points) 3.Performance Management a.What is the purpose of Performance Management? (5 points) b.What is the difference between Performance Management and the Performance Appraisal? (10 points) c.Identify and explain 2 of the Keys for Effective Performance Appraisals. (10 points) 4.What is Diversity in the workplace? What is necessary for Diversity be a competitive advantage in an organization? What is the Human Resource Professionals role in establishing a truly diverse workplace? (15 points) 5.Identify and explain a specific reason it is important for Human Resource Professionals to stay on top of Current Events. Support the reason with an example. (10 points) PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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