Human Rights Watch (HRW) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

1. Discuss with your colleagues:1. Pick a specific NGO, IGO or government to discuss how they use marketing to either create a specific image for a government agency, or program to generate public support to gather support and advance their specific causes.What controls are there to ensure truth in what is being marketing?a. Is this a proper use of funds?Cannot just answers without submitting your comments as well. All normal discussion rules apply and please see grading rubric for discussions..Human Rights Watch (HRW) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that monitors over 80+ countries as I have mentioned in previous discussions.HRW utilizes the public relations approach to bring attention to the public about human right abuses by entities. They are able to display their independent research performed via 400 volunteers in order to gather public support for their cause. This forces entities to stop their abuses while forcing governments to act while advancing HRW causes.HRW is bound by numerous international laws by making the public aware, documenting their work and presenting this information to respective entities. Producing marketing lies on a large scale will result in legal actions including fines, but not limited organizational shut down and jail time. HRW promises their commitment to quality.I believe their funds are being used properly to further HRW mission statement and core values. They have remained in operation since 1978, embraced the digital age and received assistance from other organizations such as United Nations.2. Select a Gov service that interests you (example EZPSS) to differentiate from what another student picked.a. Write a position statement that would be involved if you expand your service globally.b. What factors do you see will interfere with our success and failure..Cannot just answers without submitting your comments as well. All normal discussion rules apply and please see grading rubric for discussions.The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) mission is to attract, retain and maintain the best work force for the Nation. OPM offers numerous services ranging from Classification & Job Design to Human Resource Line of Business.The choice that peeks my interested via the OPM website is Telework Management. Telework Management is a under used tool in the digital field since technology advancements are still developing. I believe the United States could benefit greatly by embracing this mobile tool on a global scale. Telecommuting Management can allow reward an entity with countless benefits ranging from financial positives to decrease in office space. However with careful consideration for telework governances most jobs can be transferred to telecommuting, but employees will need to be carefully monitored. OPM should work with other similar OPM in other countries to establish a partnership to enhance continuity operations, management effectiveness, work/life balance and more. This strategic move will increase job availabilities within not only our nation but others as well by becoming a legit program.The failure will be due to companies/governments traditional mindset that employees should go-to-work instead of working from home. Secondly, we must also establish additional governances balance salary, work from home benefits and more. This will cause a slow success rate for the trend due to change in work ethics..3. Mini case scenario 5 assignment: Research and answer the following questions. Be sure and follow the Grading Rubric for Mini Case Scenarios found in course content area of class.The four Ps of marketing are Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Provide one example of how each of the four Ps could be used to help a specific government agency, a specific NGO or a specific IGO accomplish its objectives. You must use different agencies, NGO, IGO for each P. Hint: state the example and explain how it would work. For example, Maryland might declare a sales tax holiday (Price) to stimulate its economy by creating incremental purchases among Maryland residents and by attracting buyers from adjoining states..

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