Humanitarian supply chain management custom essay

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I need to hand in the final operational report on humanitarian supply chain management together with a gannt chart or excel document were I detail the daily activities to be undertaken during the first 3 months of the emergency scenario

I have uploaded a series of documents that should be helpful for the report i need.
below are the comments I received from my tutor on what is expected i submit inorder to obtain the certificate in humanitarian supply chain management

The assessment requires an action plan. For example, who are the delegates assigned to the various activities, what are their individual objectives, and what information/communications will facilitate their role. Some calculation for overall distribution quantities – what is needed, where will you supply it, how much will you supply, when it is needed by, modes of transport to be used to get it there, sequencing the goods flow by priorities, controls to be put in place for the material and cash flows, and delegated responsibilities – who is going to do what. The content of the food parcels needs to be identified with qtys calculated for 12 weeks supply. Do the same for the hygiene kits.

The assessor will also be looking for a Gantt chart detailing the activities procurement, transport, Warehousing, Staffing, budget, security, etc. Each section should be broken down into the various sub sections needed to facilitate the entire operation, and reference made to the person who will be delegated the responsibility of the task. Add any notes or additional information your think necessary to aid the understanding of your plan.

Note that the assessor will not have seen our task 9 submission therefore recommend that you dissect most of the information needed for the Action Plan from this report. In essence the Action Plan is stripped down more detailed version of your final plan.

please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information.
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