Hypothesis Exersice Custom Essay

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This paper is in addition to 77761322 (Refined Hypothesis)

(1) Provide the refined hypothesis.

(2) Explain why you selected this hypothesis.

(3) Explain in detail the causal relationship that your hypothesis is attempting to show. What is the relationship between the two variables in your refined hypothesis? Why do you think the proposed relationship exists? The causal relationship between the two variables in the refined hypothesis is when one variable causes a change in another variable.

(4) Define the variables of your hypothesis in terms that can be researched (i.e., the data that can be collected). Basically, what specific variables will you research (examine)?

(5) For each unit of analysis you’ve provided, write a brief explanation of how it accurately represents the variables within your hypothesis. Then, discuss the research methodology that you will be using to obtain information. How will you go about gathering the data?

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