Hypothesis testing Epidemiology and Biostatistics Academic Essay

As an administrator to a health education program, you suspect that pairing first year students with third year students willhelp improve their endofyearevaluations. To test your hypothesis you develop a mentoring program that has threegroups. Group one will be the control. Group two will meet in person weekly. Group three will keep in touch using socialmedia and texting.Analyze the attached data sets (will attach seperately, or email) of their scores with an ANOVA test using SPSS.Write an executive summary of your study. In the summary, include the ANOVA test results, your hypothesis and itsresolution, and the implications of your findings.You must include at least two references (academic sources that must be cited in APA style).Paper should Include:Introduction:Here is where you will write a few paragraphs about the study that was performed. This should at least have a paragraphwhich outlines the question and the gathering of the data, a paragraph about other/related research (good place for yourrequired citations), a paragraph of your hypothesis (what do you think will be significant and why). Dont forget the nullhypothesis (this is also a good place to add citations)Methods:This section should outline what test you used and why. Did you do any posthoc tests and why?Results/conclusion:What was the result of your test (be sure and include wording similar to examples given in seminar). Results should beexpress with pvalue,Fstatistics,and degrees of freedom. You should also have a paragraph or two about your conclusionbased on the test. What can you conclude for your executive report? What are your recommendations as an administratoron the effectiveness of the teaching based on the groups.Outcomes:? Identify a healthcare problem that can be studied statistically.? Formulate hypotheses based on a healthcare problem. Identify hypothesis and implications of findings in executivesummary.? Complete an ANOVA test (performed appropriately) using SPSS. SPSS Output must be submitted. ANOVA results mustbe included in executive summary.? Interpret the SPSS results.? Summarize the meaning of the results in a brief presentation PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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