IB Economics – Article Commentary custom essay

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This is an IB economics commentary. I have attached 2 examples of previous years which should help to get an idea (macroeconomics + microeconomics). As you can see each of the papers have a unique article where a commentary is written in a loosely DEEDEE format. (Define, Example, Explain Example, Diagram, Explain Diagram and Evaluation)
I have also attached the IB markscheme for the criteria.
However, I have not picked a article for the commentary. If you like I may do so and send you one, unless you would like to pick a recent one – either macroeconomics or microeconomics (nothing dating back further than 4 months), also I have attached a guide for picking an ideal article which may help.
When integrating theory/analyses into the article please may it either be part of the ib syllabus for macroeconomics or microeconomics (depending on the article chosen). I may send you a list of theories/diagrams for the syllabus if you require.
Finally, I would highly appreciate if the word count (exclusive of the labels on the diagram) is a minimum of 700 and a maximum of 750 words.
Also, no references to outside sources (unless definitions).
Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or if you are unclear on any of the details.

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