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Taking as your starting point a museum installation or site or space in Sydney critically trace the ways in which you
think the ideas of at least two of the three themes (tradition, the modern and the postmodern) allow us to understand
both this site/or installation and more generally, the present moment that we live in.

(i pick DARLING HABOUR as my starting point in my assessment 1 – proposal,and i asked the tutor today, it can not be change by now)

Assessment item 2: Book chapter
Objective(s): a, b, c, d
Weighting: 50%
Due: Week 11
Your essay based on your proposal(assessment 1), due in week 11.
You must not exceed 3,000 words,
bibliography is additional.Each student produces a print-ready final draft of their essay ready to be published as a chapter
in their group’s book.

Criteria: Persuasiveness of argument
Relevance to subject themes
Coverage of literature
Incisiveness of analysis
Pertinence of examples


My Assessment 1

Book Chapter Proposal
Idea of History

Rational for the book
The book will focus on the changes and developments of Darling Harbour. The book will start of with the found of Darling Harbour on 1788 and progress with changes in 19th century and the current developments of Darling Harbour. This book will mainly discuss on factors that causes the changes in Darling Harbour throughout the centuries.

The main readers for the book will be someone who interested in Sydney’s history, Darling Harbour’s tourist and as a guidebook for students to know better on landmark in Sydney.

The book will feature with lots of images that will give reader a better understanding. Furthermore it will include some Internet links for reader to do further references.

Title of chapter
Derelict dockland to sparkling international playground

Main argument of the chapter
Transformation of Darling Harbour: from an Australia’s busiest seaports to a world famous tourism spot.

In the early years, Darling Harbour was known as Tumbalong which means a place where seafood is found. Darling Harbour was renamed in 1826, by Sir Ralph darling, the ninth governor NSW. It gradually grows become the busiest seaports in 19th century. By the mid 1970s, Darling Harbour was a series of empty warehouses and rarely used train tracks. In late 1980s, Darling Harbour redeveloped and reopened. In today, Darling Harbour is a world famous tourism spot and won numerous construction and tourism industry awards.

Key words
Darling Harbour, Sir Ralph Darling, tradition, modernity, industry

A tradition is a ritual, belief or object passed down within a society, still maintained in the present, with origins in the past. Many of tradition object and building can be found in Darling harbour. For instance, the most significant object is the Pyrmont Bridge. The Pyrmont Bridge is one of the oldest electrically operated swing-span bridges in the world. Pyrmont Bridge celebrated its 100th anniversary on 28 June 2002.

By definition, modernisation is described in social evolutionism theories, existing as a template that has been generally followed by societies that have achieved modernity. In another words, modernity means progression of the society. Darling Harbour was an abandoned site in 1970s and it redevelop become what Darling Harbour is today. Darling Harbour centering business and entertainment in one spot.

Culture is a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterices an institution, organization or group. Culture is an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior that depends upon the social learning.

Darling Harbour is one of the world’s leading waterfront leisure and entertainment destinations. Its journey from “derelict docklands to sparkling international playground” has been described as “a miracle of inner urban rebirth”

Local Aboriginal people used the harbour for food and also transport up the Parramatta River.
Due to geographical advantage, Darling Harbour becomes a main habitat. Local people inhabited here because of the food supply and convenience of transportation.
In 18th century, European countries were active in colonization. In 1788, The First Fleet reach Australia and name Darling Harbour as Long Cove but the name Cockle Bay comes into everyday use.
1826 Darling Harbour was named under Sir Ralph darling, the ninth governor of NSW.
Darling Harbour has been renamed several of times: tumbalong, Long Cove and Cockle Bay. However, “Darling Harbour” the name is preserve until now.

The convict town – port city
Darling Harbour is located in coastal area thus it developed and progressed as an important trading spots, an distribution center between the north and inner west of Sydney.
Corn exchange, Paddy’s Market and old Pyrmont Bridge waws build and Darling Harbour gradually grows become Australia’s busiest seaport.
In 1950s, the economic success of Darling Harbour decreases significantly. This is due to rail and road transport took much of the trade away from shipping.
In early 1800s, Europe experienced Industrial revolution and steam engine was invented. Trading becomes important thus Darling Harbour become the busiest seaport in 19th century due to the strategic location and modernisation. However, modernisation the idea that the world can become increasingly better in terms of science and technology also cause Darling Harbour slide slowly into despair with the rise of road and rail transport network.

Development of Darling Harbour
In 1988, Darling Harbour is formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II
Darling Harbour host five Olympic sports in 2000 at Exhibition Hall and Entertainment Center.
Today, Darling Harbour is one of the main attractions in Sydney. An average of 13 million people visited in 2002. It also create numerous of job opportunity and more than 4000 people are employed at Darling Harbour. Throughout the year, Darling Harbour host different type of outdoor events. This create the opportunities for others to experience a different culture.

Annotated reference list
History and development of Darling Harbour
Help me have a better understanding about Darling Harbour and some statistics about Darling Harbour
A site for me to look through the definition such as tradition, modernity and etc.


In assessment 1, they gave me the grade as F/P(means between fail and pass),comments:

I’m not sure you really understood what were me requirement for this assessment. you need and connect the analysis of your site with the themes from the course(modernity, post-modernity and tradition)but there is no mention of these themes in your need and make an argument:a big statement that you’ll develop in your essay.
Your bibliography need at least 5 references, this means books or journal articles that you read and research your topic.

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