Identify a single entrepreneur who you think is a ?responsible entrepreneur?

? ?Identify a single entrepreneur who you think is a ?responsible entrepreneur? ?Recommend NOT the big names ? e.g., Anita Roddick, Richard Branson, Muhammed Yunnus ?You are encouraged to look to your own country/culture ?Remember, responsibility can take many forms. Examples:?product/service ?management style, ?environmentally friendly, ?religious, ?private/public/charity/voluntary sector/ family business and/or social enterprise. ?Employment generation ??.?.?Social inclusion?Very brief introduction to the person, describing them and their work (250-500 words) ?Use the topics we have covered as a guide for your analysis. You do not have to apply every aspect: it is up to you to pick the most relevant ones. However: 1, 2 & 3 are expected in all cases. 1.Introduction to Responsible Entrepreneurship 2.Introduction to ethical theories 3.Corporate Social Responsibility & stakeholder theory 4.Sustainability, Eco-preneurship and innovation 5.Fair trade and supply chains 6.Philanthropic & social entrepreneurship 7.Ethical and social issues in small firms 8.Poverty alleviation & micro-finance 9.Wider context of responsible entrepreneurship 10. Case study presentations ?Conclusion (approx. 250-500 words) on the WIDER IMPLICATIONS of your analysis beyond the individual entrepreneur you have studied. ? Technical issues: ??.?.?3000-3500 words. Pictures and illustrations welcome, but the content of the written work is the most important aspect by far. ?A PR, glossy overview is inadequate. Try to take a balanced, dispassionate approach. No one is perfect, each entrepreneur will have strengths and weaknesses, you need to acknowledge these. ?You MUST do additional reading. You cannot rely only on the lecture slides. There are many recommendations on Moodle. These should be your minimum extra reading. ?If you need to draw on your work in other courses, that is great, but make sure you acknowledge your sources. ?If you are able to draw on the contributions of guest speakers from this or any other course you have taken, that would be a strength. Again, acknowledge your source(s). ?If you have the opportunity to do some primary research (e.g. interview the entrepreneur or someone who knows them, this is welcome but is not a requirement). Again, be clear about the source of any data you have. ?Some of your sources may not be peer reviewed. Take great care to acknowledge the type of medium you are drawing on and how that might influence the accounts of the person you are reading about ?Referencing MUST be followed according to the student handbook ?All sources MUST be clearly given, you will get credit for acknowledging your sources ?Write as well as you can in English, but it MUST be your own words. ? ??.?.

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