IE Business School LAURA CARPENTER Academic Essay

MARCH 10TH 2009 Laura, I need your answer by tomorrow. Ive got two MBAs bombarding me every ten minutes with emails asking whether they will get that job. If you say no, it goes to one of them. Besides, I am starting to feel quite uncomfortable with David when I see him in the hall. If you leave Retail Marketing to come to work in Investment Advisory, hell get mad at me. I can handle that but I need to end this process. Those were Fred Trumans words to Laura that afternoon. Sitting on the train going back home she began again to make a list of pros and cons. THE LAST 6 YEARS Laura was 28 years old and had spent the last 6 years in the Retail Marketing group at Concord Investment Co. Like so many others English Lit grads, she had graduated from College with absolutely no career preparation. She moved from Minneapolis to New-York without a job and into a crowded apartment with three roommates. FEBRUARY 3, 2003 On the first day of her job search, she registered with a personnel agency as a junior secretary. At that time, all she wanted was a job that promised a pay check every week; she would think about a career or graduate school later. After all she was only 22 years old. She had plenty of time ahead of her. All that mattered was to survive in very expensive New-York city. The agency sent her to Concord Investment, a large, well known investment management firm whose offices occupied 20 floors in a large building in the financial district. Laura was well dressed, attractive and articulate and didnt think she would have any trouble getting the kind of job she was applying for. Her interview took only 20 minutes. She was offered an entry level marketing slot in the Retail Marketing Department. Her interviewer, who would become her boss, was David Ackerman, the Vice President and Manager of the department. He had been with Concord for the previous 12 years. A man in his early fifties, he was modishly dressed. He had started the Retail Marketing Department (RMD) at Concord, which was an important departure from Concords traditional investment advisory services for large institutional and retail clients. Laura and David liked each other right away. Laura saw David as a father-type figure who was very interested in her, both professionally and personally. He told her that she was selling herself short as a secretary and that the Marketing slot was a great opportunity to learn the business. He was This document is authorized for use only in International MBA ENE-2016 by IE Business School. IE Pub PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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