(iii) Why do you think some citizens did not want to attend meetings of

(iii) Why do you think some citizens did not want to attend meetings ofthe Assembly?Givethreereasons.Imagine you were a citizen of Athens and were about to address theAssembly, like the man in the picture below.??.(iv) How do you think you might have felt?Givetworeasons for your answer.Page three2. Life in 5th century AthensThere were many different kinds of work in the city of Athens and in thecountryside surrounding it.The pictures below show people doing certain kinds of work in thecountryside.??.(a) Do you think you would have enjoyed this kind of work?Givetworeasons for your answer.Page fourMarks22. (continued)Below are examples of work carried out in the city.(b) Do you think you would have preferred working in the city?Givetworeasons for your answer.Marks??.23. Life in 5th century AthensA slave is a person who works for nothing.(a) Write downthreegood things which many slaves received in return forthe work they did for their masters or mistresses.Freedom is a wonderful thing.(b) Do you think that slaves in ancient Athens missed having their freedom?Give a reason for your answer.??.314. Homer?Odyssey, Books 9, 10 and 12After blinding the Cyclops, Odysseus and his men were still trapped in thecave.(a) Give a brief account of the plan Odysseus used to escape from there.(b) Do you think Odysseus? men would have managed to escape withoutOdysseus? help?Givetworeasons for your answer.??.

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