imaginary EEO report Academic Essay

Design one report (spreadsheet layout, not a written report) that you think would be very helpful in monitoring the diversity of your org. It should show not only current status but also historical progression. It should cover the full range of diversity issues. It does not require real numbers (you can make them up). The report would be more useful if it also contains diversity statistics for the community(ies) in which the company operates. The report should be a conceptual format of what information you think should be looked at to assess how well an org. is doing on diversity. If you have a report from your company, then submit it. However, in that case, please make suggestions, if necessary, to enhance the report so it conforms to the criteria mentioned above. To discuss in class: Is diversity successful if there is a nice mixture of different ethnic groups in the org. or is something more necessary to make it successful? If so, what is necessary? The company you have to think of is Richemont company, based in Switzerland. Thanks! PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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