Immigration And Asylum Law Essay

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Instructions: Answer BOTH of the following questions. You must answer both questions within the word limit of 3000 words Question 1. You are instructed by Mr Rahman who is Iranian, he has made an application for asylum in the United Kingdom. Mr Rahman claims is based on his fear that if he were to return to Iran he would face mistreatment due to imputed political opinion. His claim for humanitarian protection is based upon his fear that if returned he would face a real risk of execution and unlawful killing and torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in the country of return. He also claims that removing him to Iran or requiring him to leave the United Kingdom would breach Articles 2,3, and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Mr Rahman’s problems started in Iran two days prior to his departure. One evening he claims his neighbour Hamid fell ill, so he drove him and his family to a main road around 20 minutes from his house so as to enable them to obtain a lift to a local hospital. On the way back from dropping them off he was stopped by four armed men. Mr Rahman was told to get out of the car. He recognised that the men were wearing clothes associated with rebel fighters who fought against the government known as the Kurdish Freedom Fighters. The four men drove the car away and Mr Rahman was left to make his way home on foot. The next day Mr Rahman heard reports that the rebels drove his car to the residence of a government minister and shot him. After consultation with his cousin Mr Rahman decided that he would be associated with the killing and that he would be pursued by the authorities. Mr Rahman entered the United Kingdom in April 2009 illegally and submitted his claim for asylum March 2010. He has also formed a relationship with a British National, Sophie. Sophie he informs you is six months pregnant, lived all her life in this country and is not interested in residing in Iran. Advice Mr Rahman on the merits of his application for asylum Question 2: essay ‘The introduction of the point based system has provided applicants with a greater opportunity to work or study in the United Kingdom’ Discuss the accuracy of the above statement with reference to recent case law and policy developments.

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