Implementation Lean Six Sigma in The Saudi Capital Market Authority Essay

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1. I’ve been working in Capital Market Authority (CMA) since 2005, Market Supervision – Surveillance Department.

2. My dissertation generally will be about the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in CMA, and I’ve already written the literature review, you will find it as an attachment (No 1).

3. The subject:
CMA organizes the trades of the Saudi Stock Exchange and provides services to the listed companies and the investors, all that happens by analyzing reports which have been exchanged among its departments.
The main problem in CMA – in short – is that department such as surveillance department provides reports – after analyzing it – to other departments in order to enhance it by other information to become complete reports, then the board can make decisions based on these reports.
The process to achieve that takes a long time because of the “waste” of the redundant information, for example suppose that the board needed a report this day, it will take at least two days to finish it, because of the complicated procedures and communications among the departments, also the waste of the information.

4. Requirements: I need to complete the dissertation by write:
A. Methodology, consists of:
• This research should be “qualitative research”.
• This research should be “Case study”.
• Questionnaire and interviews are the methods that supposed to be used.
• Four references at least have to be used.
• The methodology has to be supported with models and tables.
• It must be not more than 1,900 words.
• It has to include summary at the end of it.
• You can take a look at what I’ve written in my previous proposal about the methodology. Make sure that my previous proposal was about “Lean”, but now the subject is changed to be about “Lean Six Sigma”. Attachment (No 2).

B. Analysis and Results , consist of:
• It must be not more than 2,800 words.
• It has to be supported with models and tables.
• Use references as many as you can.
• It has to include summary at the end of it.

C. Conclusions and Recommendations , consist of:
• It must be not more than 2,100 words.
• Use references as many as you can.
• It has to include summary at the end of it.
• It has to include limitations.

D. Appendices.

• Please, I don’t have to say “avoid plagiarism” as much as you can, because after it finish I’m gonna put it on writecheck website to check the plagiarism, so please be careful, the percentage of it must not exceed 15%.
• I hope the methodology and the questionnaire won’t take more than four days, so if you finish from it, please send it to me ASAP, because I need to discuss it with my supervisor early.
• CMA website:
• The webpage of my department:

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