Implementing Clinical Governance, Risk Management, and Integrated Care Pathway Academic Essay

Use Reference that i uploaded in previous assignmentUse mind map for each point (Q2?3?5)Answer 1? 2 lines under each point(Q2?3?5)Q2. IMPLEMENTING CLINICAL GOVERNANCE Add EXTERNAL & INTERNAL BARRIERS (BULLET POINTS IN BRIEF TABLE) What were the drivers for change that led to the implementation of clinical Gov.?Q3. RISK MANAGEMENT Add advantage & disadvantages of different model of risk mange. That can be use (bullet points inbrief table) What elements do you consider the most important in the proactive / reactive risk managementmodel and why?Q5. INTEGRATED CARE PATHWAYS Second line of defense: what are the responsibilities of the CEO, Clinical Director and other leadersin your organization for ICPs?Can you add answer (2 ?3 line) of those Qs for each of the above topic? What frameworks / models or concepts could you introduce and why? How does this link back to clinical governance? How does this link to quality and safety in healthcare management? Where does communication and leadership, culture play a role? Apply mind map of SPO (bullet points in mind maping) PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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