In four to five paragraph essay, compare the theme of Susan Glaspell?s Trifles with Michael Hollinger’s Naked Lunch. custom essay

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Be sure:
? Your intro focus on the works and end with a clear thesis statement.
? The topic sentences connect to thesis.
? Supporting paragraphs are 10-15 sentences in length, including specific textual references.
? Introduce and discuss all quotes-state show explain!
? Conclusion provides sense of closure.
? To edit and proofread for sentence, spelling, grammar, verbs (discussion of events in the play is in present tense), and punctuation errors.
Naked Lunch
The play, Naked Lunch by Michael Hollinger is about a man named Vernon and a female named Lucy. They used to be a couple but are now broken up. The play begins by setting the scene of Lucy and Vernon sitting down to eat. Apparently, they are seeing each again after being a part for awhile. Presumably, Vernon has fixed supper for Lucy an is trying to get her back, or at least spend time with her again. While eating, they are discussing a show that they saw. The show was a man and an alligator. Vernon is hungrily eating his steak and notices that Lucy has not eaten her steak. She has only eaten on her corn on the cob. Vernon questions Lucy as to why she isn’t eating her steak. She tries to avoid answering his question bur he continues to press her for an answer. She finally explains that she is a vegetarian. Vernon seems to get angry and wants to know when she became a vegetarian. She tells him after they broke up. He continues to press her for a more definite answer or time line as to when she decided that she was going to become a vegetarian. Then he wants to know if it was something he did or said. She tells him no that it is something that she has been thinking about for a long time. Lucy tries to keep the peace with Vernon by telling him that it doesn’t have to be a big deal. He continues to press her for more answers. She tells him that they were doing so well and for him basically not to spoil it. He tells her that she has gone carnophobic. She tells him that she isn’t afraid of meat, but for health reasons she chooses not to eat it anymore. He bullys her into eating a piece of the steak. After she eats the piece of meat, Vernon sits down to finish his meal, seemingly pleased with himself.

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