Individual research project – Health Care.

Youve been hired as the head of quality improvement for the nations largest health insurance company. Prior to your hiring, the quality scores have been trending down unfavorably for the following categories: diabetic members annually visiting a nephrologist, women receiving their breast cancer screening, and members receiving their colorectal cancer screenings. There are substantial bonus payments and incentives tied to these scores improving. Within this writing, provide details on why it is important for diabetics to visit their nephrologist annually, why it is important for women to receive their breast cancer screening, and why people should receive their colorectal cancer screening. Discuss the positive and negative outcomes for each situation. Next, devise a plan to improve these scores. Be specific in your plan (i.e. a health fair will be conducted in which diabetics can visit an actual nephrologist doing the fair) as to why you feel it will improve the quality scores. This web link may help to springboard your research regarding the importance for each measure: The provided link can be used as one of the four required references. each submission should be a minimum of 3 pages long (no more than 4), and a minimum of 4 scholarly resources/references should be used. This courses textbook can be used as one of the references. All submissions should be in APA format (cover page, in-text citations, reference page, running header)

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