Information Security Management Academic Essay

Paper detailsYou must find an organization that has implemented information systems security with emphasis on one or more securityservices and mechanisms. These services and mechanisms may include Access Control, Authentication, IntrusionDetection, Firewalls, Perimeter Protection, VPN security, Antivirus Infrastructure, Intranet Security, PKI, RealtimeProtection,Unix/Windows Security, and Security Auditing. There are many more services and mechanisms that might be available foranalysis. The focus of this assignment is Information Systems Security. Writing about gates, guards, fences, lighting , CCTV,and building access is not appropriate for this assignment.Your case analysis must focus on strengths and weaknesses of the security of information infrastructure with respect to theservices and mechanisms you have identified for analysis. You do not need to analyze all services and mechanisms. Selectthose that you might consider critical to the system being examined. For example, access control is very critical in onlineConsumer Banking system, while encryption is considered very critical in BusinesstoBusinessElectronic Commerce. Thecase does not need to identify the corporation or employer. This is done for those who would like to look at a problem withintheir own organization without the problems associated with publishing employer information. The case should focus on aspecific security issues and technologies. Recommendations for improvement are a required part of the analysis.Analyze the cases you have selected by providing the background and existing infrastructure for information systemssecurity and make reasonable recommendations for improvement. There is always a room for improvement. Approximatelength of each case should be between 3 to 5 pages, doublespaced,and welldocumented.You must make specificrecommendations.Your grades in case study will be determined by your analytical skills, ability to identify reallifesecurity problems,professional competence, and the feasibility of recommended solution(s) for reallifeimplementation. Your cases areunique and therefore, your report will not be compared with other student reports PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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