Information Technology; Investigate and present a proposal for the implementation of an Information Technology (IT) system for a 4-user business section (for example, Human Resources) of an organisation of your choice (real or fictitious). custom essay

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Produce a Word Processed document of your proposal (in the form of a 2500 word report). You should include the results of the following in an Appendix to your report:
 Create a database (using Microsoft Access) of up to 6 suppliers for components of the IT system.
 Create a spreadsheet (using Microsoft Excel) detailing the items and costs for your system and apply formulae to produce summary information (e.g. totals).
 Produce a short Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (up to 10 slides) to promote the IT system in the business organisation.
Allocation of Marks
Your report should contain the following sections for which the assessment weightings are detailed below:
Report Sections:
1. Introduction ? Statement of report terms of reference, report aim, objectives and methods used to research report; description of the business scenario and rationale for new system (6%).
2. IT System Options and System Design – A description of the options (hardware, software, networking) available for constructing a new IT system and the reasons for your choice of system; a description of the proposed architecture and hardware/software/networking components of the system (10%).
3. Implementation Plan and Business Benefits – A description of how the proposed IT system will be implemented and an evaluation, with reference citations, of the business benefits arising from the proposed system (20%).
4. Management Challenges – Referenced discussion, providing an evaluation of the security, ethics, quality and change management issues and how they will be addressed in the proposed implementation (25%).
5. Conclusion – Synthesis of the arguments presented and a statement of conclusions of your investigations (5%).
Assessment Guide
Assessment Criteria
? The Robert Gordon University 2012 2
Information Technology Assessment
10% is awarded for conforming to the Aberdeen Business School Guides to Essay and report Writing and for the standard of presentation of your report. This includes reference citation and the provision of an appropriate References section within your report.
Important: Please ensure that your submission is produced in report format. Reports should
   
include a Title page and Executive Summary; include a Table of Contents; have numbered sections in the format 1.0, 2.0 etc.; be written in the 3rd person i.e. not using ?our?, ?we?, ?I? etc.

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