Information technology mini project

Requirements of the Assignment: Visit websites of The Walt Disney Company and Time Warner Inc. identify the following: 1. The major customer-related activities on both websites and how they are supported by information technology. 2. The effective e-commerce and CRM strategies, applications and services on both websites. Write a short report in APA (American Psychology Association) style on the findings of the above items 1 and 2 with appropriate comparison, contrast, and discussion. The report should be word-processed in Times New Roman 12 pt font, with no less than FIVE and no more than SIX double-spaced and numbered pages (with 1 margins on all sides), excluding figures, tables, or illustrations. It should include the following parts (no title page is needed): ??? Your name and course information ??? Title of the report ??? Abstract of the report ??? Main findings with comparison, contrast, and discussion in details ??? Conclusion ??? References

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