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put assignment brief before an executive summary; table of contents, header and footer stating: safety management system, copy and paste all risk assessments into your ICS project, but you most have them in your own TABULATED FORMAT. ( which i’m going to attached them )

your table should have the headings — hazard ref no, location, hazard/activity, risk rating(LMH), control measure, person responsible cost.

if you use plan do check act (demming model) you can say that the safety management system is influenced by the headings of ISO 18001:2007 (which will be attached).

if you use a paln do check act system, put in a diagram of PDCA for extra marks..

fire RA into your ICS ( i already did that so no need for that ) , you must do a HACCP and a all the paper work for construction of green houses (construction forms are on HSA website, forms GA3,AF1, AF2, SW1, ) also paste in the method statement construction (i will attached and risk assessment & control measures communication form )

35% for analysis i.e. how well you wrote up a management system for DIT sackville place, how you interpreted the headings og a management system,. headings for Plan– Do–Check Act.

35% for the format of your RA tables and how welll you surveyed the building

30% for a professional presentation that you would hand up to a client

remember costings 200,000 a year for five years u you can use a gant chart if ya want ..

note: as soon as you write a part of it please send a draft ( no necessary the whole assignment just to have clue and check ) ..

please be aware that i want it in 10 days coz i faced problems in the deadline before. if you have any draft before that will be great.. if the case study need more than 70 pages i don’t mind to pay for it just let me know.

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