Integrated Marketing Communications and Digital Media

Each student is requested to select a product, service or brand of your choice, and develop an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan for the management of the company. You may work on the same product, service or brand. Each student must submit a 1,500 individual Executive Summary of their IMC plan for the product/service/brand they have chosen. As this is a very small word count per submission, the key skill for students will be to distil and synthesise the key information for management into a clear and concise report, the Executive Summary should contain the key sections of the IMC plan outlined below. Students are encouraged to make use of appendices to include data in their Executive Summary (such as any primary data, secondary data, budgets, meeting minutes, etc.) as part of an appendices at the end of their report. In terms of developing a marketing communications plan for the product/service/brand, students are advised to follow the approach of Egan (2015: 100) who outlines the following stages of the process: 1. Where are we? (Analysis) 2. Where do we want to go? (Design) 3. How will we get there? (Implementation) 4. How well have we done? (Control) There is no single, universal format for developing an IMC plan, however the following books contain useful information on the development of an IMC plan:

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