Integrated Marketing Communications (Communications Brief Plan) For Analysing Current Market Situations And Campaign Evaluation custom essay

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Before explaining anything just be careful that I don?t need an introduction at all but I need you to focus in the required elements.

The assignment is about Communication Brief Plan Of Driza-Bone Company (Australian Outback Company Clothing) and this is their website and we have finished the plan but still 2 Parts needs to be done by you which is:

1- Current Market Situation
2- Campaign Evaluation

It’s two different Parts so don’t mix between them as the Current Market Situation coming in the first parts of the assignment where the Campaign Evaluation is coming in the last parts of the plan and there is no direct relationship between each other so you writing about 2 different things.

So what is needed to be done for 2 parts is

1- Current Market Situation:

Competing organisations or direct competitors which are (R. M. Williams, Thomas cook and Jacaru Australia), and the points of difference between their offers and the key product/s of your chosen organisation are described (Justifying the differences in terms of products not organisations). Relevant macro-environment (external environment) factors are summarized effectively. Macro-environment is only for economic, social, cultural, technological. In a ?Brief? it is important to hone in on only the relevant topics and also mentioning only the trends of these factors that affect Driza-Bone.

Also For this part it has to be no more than 500 Words and keep the rest of words for 2nd part and you need to ensure that:

1- Use theory explicitly to support your ideas ? your ideas need to have a sound foundation in the theory the unit has covered.
2- Explain concepts rather than using terminology in passing. (Eg if you use a ?resonance strategy? you must explain what that means, and cite the source).
3- Justify choices you make ? you do this by using authoritative sources that support the applicability/strengths of chosen approaches; evidence from the real world, eg examples of similar campaigns; and/or logical links with your situation analysis.

So instead of throwing words explain it in depth and how and why it’s affect Driza-Bone Company and I prefer you to discuss two ideas in depth rather than put the whole general paragraph containing many ideas and passing it.

2- Campaign Evaluation:
That’s the most important part and you need to keep at least 800 words and most resources for it and you need only to evaluate the creative strategies that chosen and how to measure it and evaluate it and you need to have depth analysis for measurement and evaluation techniques for evaluating creative strategy. So for Creative Strategy for evaluation is comprehensive, concise, and clear. It shows good understanding of the evaluation methods available.

Again the 2 parts is different and not directly linked to each other so for the current market situation you only look for Background to the Organisation and its Products, Key Product/s and Communications Evaluation.

And For the Campaign Evaluation you keep the most amount of word for it and look only to creative strategies and evaluate each strategy has been chosen in depth and justify the techniques of measurement and evaluation for each strategy with the resources.

The resources have to be credible sources (global books published or located in Australia or online journal articles).

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