Integrated Marketing Communications: Differentiation and Communications Strategies (IKEA) Essay

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Integrated Marketing Communications: Differentiation and Communications Strategies (IKEA)
As an external Marketing Communications Consultant you have been appointed by an organisation (your client) that is keen on changing its Marketing Communications strategy. Your main task is to advise on the feasibility of this strategy.
Select an organisation, product or service with a sophisticated and effective intergrated marketing communication strategy.(IKEA retail furniture industry)
Stage 1. Perform a SWOT analysis of the organisation. Identify the organisation’s core competencies and the key success factors in the industry. From the above analysis determine the organisation’s competitive advantage(if any).
Stage 2. Outline the company’s marketing communication strategies and its main competitors’ positioning.
Stage 3. Critically describe in detail the company’s marketing mix.
Stage 4. Critically evaluate the company’s communication strategy paying particular attention to the communication objectives, the extent of differentiation, message design, communication tools used and the consistency with other elements of the marketing mix.
1. Introduction
1.1 Mission and Vision Statement
1.2 Background
2. Current marketing position (Stage 1)
2.1 SWOT analysis (IMC area)
2.2 Identify IKEA’s core competencies
2.3 Identify IKEA’s the key success factors
2.4 Analysis determine IKEA’s competitive advantage
3. Marketing communication strategies (Stage 2)
3.1 Outline IKEA’s marketing communication strategies
3.2 IKEA’s main competitors positioning
4. The Marketing Mix (Stage 3)
5. Evaluate of the marketing communication strategy (Stage 4)
5.1 Communication objectives
5.2 The extent of differentiation
5.3 Message design
5.4 Communication tools
5.5 The consistency with other elements of the marketing mix
6. Conclusion

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