International Business; Jillian dawes Farquhar custom essay

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? Introduction is about 1000 -2000 words its important to give rational why this aim and objective ,
? Literature review 6000-7000 words ( try to use new article and books specially article )
? Research methodology 2000-3000 ( please use qualitative research )
? Presentation from 5-6 slide shown what I will do after the first 3 chapters by developing the conceptual frame work I attached file to explain what is the meaning of conceptual frame work.
? Finding and result ( I will explain later after I see the previous work )
? Recommendation ( I will explain later after I see the previous work )
? Conclusion ( I will explain later after I see the previous work )
3 -Please look at the comments about my proposal which will help you to know the weaknesses in my proposal which we have to modify them while writing the dissertation .
4- the theory which I have to use in the dissertation is the international trade theory .
5- the question of the research is how to evaluate the success factor of the Saudi development & RE-Export Services Co.Ltd to apply the international trade ? what they have to improve ?
6- don?t go in depth In law and polices just try to mention them which is included in the international trade theory .
7- you have to send me chapter by chapter because I have to show the work to my supervisor to see the comment from him .
8- the attachments are attached with my order my proposal , example of previous dissertation , and some of the attachment is to explain conceptual frame work , research methodology ?. Please look at all of them .

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