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Hi there, I have International Human Resource Management assignment, which consists of two parts, but they are separate.

First assignment : Group Project (Written Report) about Retaining Skills and Services. My part just focus on what the motivations of these skilled employees in going overseas in the first place ((((((( JUST 1000 WORDS)))))))..Pulling Factors and Pushing Factors. We as team made presentation about the project. I mentioned these pulling factors;
**Reasons for coming overseas:
In hope of better Employment Opportunities
A free and healthy Lifestyle
Change in Climate
Higher compensations and living standards
Inter-Company transfers
Gaining International Experience
Having relatives or friends Overseas
Intention to apply for permanent residence

**Along with the factors mentioned on previous slide, pushing factors also cause people to migrate:
Social and economic conditions of the countries
Lack of suitable employment in home country
Social discomfort like Silent or Open Wars
Political Instability

The professor said that oky but you must continue the whole PESTLE analysis.

I have used one academic journal articles, which is its link and title below .It has to be used for the report beside two or three others academic journal articles from Google scholar as the professor requests. In other word, the References must be academic journal articles not books, and use the one I’ve already used with 2 or 3 other References.

This is the academic journal articles i’ve used; its link;
its title
A Global Labor Market: Factors Motivating the Sponsorship and
Temporary Migration of Skilled Workersto Australia1


The second one; is Individual Component of the Report – Reflective.
This is the describtion of the report;

Each individual student must submit a reflective account (((((((((JUST 650 WORDS)))))))))). critically analysing how the students managed the group processes associated with completion of the assignment and what personal contributions you were able to make and personal learning you achieved. The aim of this assignment is to enhance your learning by reflecting upon your action learning experience. It should provide a story of your growing understanding of the topic, demonstrate how your learning is developing, and help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
In particular, you should reflect on the following:
a. Reflect on whether the Belbin team-roles profile was helpful in understanding more about yourself and the other members in your group.
b. Based on the theories you have learned in the topic and in other parts of your course/ program, what have you learned about yourself in the group assignment?
c. Did you feel that all group members contributed equally? If so, which group processes were important in achieving this? If not, why did this not happen, and what could have been done to improve the situation?

This is the Goal of OUR team is to find and analyse:
1- Driving factors for returning migrants
2- Issues they face
3- Ways of retaining the services and skills of these migrants

OUR Team roles based on Belbin Analysis:
Our Names Roles
Abhi Coordinator/Implementer
Mellani Shaper
MOSALAM Resource Investigator
Rinly Team Worker

I feel all members of the team contributed equally. and very helpful.

(((((((((JUST 650 WORDS))))))))))

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